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These shots were taken on Saturday, March 24, 2001
when the Huntingdon School presented a check for $852.95
to Huntingdon County PRIDE at their annual telethon.

Picture taken in May 2001 at the Huntingdon
County "Relay For Life." The Huntingdon studio
raised over $800 in donations for the
American Cancer Society.

The instructors from Clinic #5 at the Summit Fitness Center in Altoona.
Special Guest Instructor was Grandmaster Shin

The instructors from Clinic #4 - the event took
place at the KNY Fitness Center in Altoona

Master Josefik stands with the black belts (2000)

Master  Josefik with the Cho Dan Bo's
(the black belt candidates - 2000)

A Group Shot From Clinic #3 - it took place
at Dubois Business College

Master Gary Josefik (1st degree
black belt at the time) instructs his
brother, Master David Josefik (10th
gup white belt at the time)


Children are very important and the Instructors
take great pride and joy in teaching them.

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