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Picture Gallery


Pictured above are some of the first Black Belts in
Central Pennsylvania (1978-79)
Kneeling front left to right; Master Charles Vaughn, Master Michael White:
Second row standing from left to right: Dennis Odrosky, Barry Williams,
Barry Herr, Penny Williams, Larry Krest, Master Gary Josefik, Simon Reed,
William Stodart: Back Row left to right, Fred DiMuccio, Bill Filer, unknown,
Mitch Miller, Ron Rudy, Mike Williams, Dan Heverly, Steve Walker, George Olson. 

(from left to right)
Master Gary S. Josefik,
Ms. Shelly Bolinda,
Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin
and Ms. Tracy Bolinda 

Grandmaster Shin, Master Josefik, Dr. Takeuchi (I.A.I. Swordsman)

Master Josefik & Master Wick

* NEW* Picture taken at the 2007 Masters Camp


Where's Waldo? (Master J)


Mr. Morrissey - 2005 Curve picnic

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* NEW*  


Beginning to Beginning!

Student and Grandmaster Beaudoin 

     Congratulations Mr. Blum, Sah Dan


Grandmaster Shin & Mr. Mitchell

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