Master Gary S. Josefik's Biography

Master Gary S. Josefik, 5th Degree Master BeltMaster Gary S. Josefik, was born in July of 1953, Philipsburg, Pa. He lived in Grassflat until he graduated from West Branch High School in Allport, Pa. in 1972. After finishing high school he enlisted in the US. Navy. 

Master Josefik was first introduced into the Martial arts in 1972, when he was stationed in Long Beach California. After a short period of training he was sent overseas and trained on the military base, in Subic Bay in the Philippine Islands, military style classes, taught by a Mr. Davis, who was a member of Korean Tang Soo Do Association, Chung Nam Moo Duk Kwan, under Master Yun Tak Bong. Mr. Davis trained under Mr. Williamson, Dan# 014955, who trained directly under Master Yun Tak Bong.

After coming back to the states, he got transferred to Bremerton, Washington, where he finished his tour of duty. Master Josefik is an Honorably Discharged, Viet Nam Era Veteran. After being discharged he relocated to San Diego, Ca. Where he went to work as a welder. In 1975, he moved back to Pennsylvania and started working for Piper aircraft Corporation and started looking for a place to continue his martial arts training. 

The first place he went to was Alberts Airport in Morrisdale, Pa, opened in 1975. Classes were taught by Melvin Smeal, then a first degree black belt under Grandmaster Shin. Mr. Smeal, Dan# 19921 attained his black belt in March 1976, his Instructors at the time were Master Dellano Taylor, and Master John Werner. While in the nearby town of Philipsburg, one evening, he heard about an instructor by the name of Michael White. Mr. White, who started teaching Tang Soo Do, in Philipsburg, in Sept. of 1970, at his home in Glass City. After his meeting with Mr. White he decided to start training again, on a full time basis.  His training for the next couple of years was every night except holidays. Master Josefik, at the time, was training under Mr. White, Mr. Chuck Vaughn, Mr. Odrosky, Mr. McClure, Barry Williams and Barry Herr.

Master Josefik first met Grandmaster Shin personally in 1978. After his meeting with Grandmaster Shin he found a place in life for himself. Master Josefik started teaching at the Tyrone YMCA on July 1,1980. Up until this time, classes at the YMCA were then taught by Al McClure, 1st  Dan.  Master Josefik started charging 75 cents a week, for his program. 50% of his cost went to the YMCA for facility use. This school is still in operation today (click here). Master Josefik trained under Master White until 1984.  While under Mr. White, he assisted in the opening of the studios in Clearfield (Clearfield YMCA was opened 1981, Instructor Al English) State College (Penn State Martial Arts Group was opened in1979 by Master Charles Vaughn, State College YMCA, was opened approx. 1980, Instructor Master Charles Vaughn, State College Athletic Club was opened in 1980, Instructor Master Michael White, Tang Soo Do in Bellefonte, Pa. was opened January 1985, Instructor Barry Williams), Houtzdale (Tang Soo Do in Houtzdale opened in 1975, Instructor Dennis Odrosky), and Lock Haven (the Lock Haven University Tang Soo Do, was opened in 1982 (as a club ) Instructor Barry Williams, Lock Haven YMCA Tang Soo Do, was opened in 1981, Instructors Carmen Daberio and Barry Williams, Williamsport Tang Soo Do was opened in 1985, by Steve Walker, Cho Dan Bo, student under Instructor Barry Williams). 

In 1980, Master Josefik started to work for Pa. Electric Co. Then in 1983, he quit and went to work at the State Correctional Institute at Rockview, were he retired after 22 years as a Sergeant, January2006 to October 2009 he was Employed at the Moshannon Valley Correctional Center which houses federal inmates as a Supervisor/ Captain, and a sworn Deputy Federal Marshall, From June 2010 to August 2010 at St. Josephes Institute,  he is also a Licensed Private Investigator in the State of Pennsylvania, and a Certified Lethal Weapons Instructor by the Pennsylvania State Police. Master Josefik attended Scranton University and received a Degree as a Private Investigator. He also has a degree as Accupressorist.  Master Josefik is also a certified PA. State Constable.

Master Josefik  is a Charter Member, and Life Member, of the World Tang Soo Do Association. He received his 1st Dan in Nov 1980, 2nd Dan in July 1984,  3rd Dan in June 1987, 4th Dan Master in July 1993, 5th Dan in July 2001, and International Master 6th Dan in July 2011.

June 2002, inducted into World Karate Union Hall of Fame, Master Of the Year in Korean Tang Soo Do.

To date Master Josefik has studiosí in Altoona (started in 1986), Huntingdon (started in 1996), Morrisdale (opened in 1986), Tyrone (started in 1979), and Clarion (started in 2002) Pa., Warriors Mark (started in 2008) and Hollidaysburg (started in 2010).

And 4 Tiny Tiger Programs, which are currently in operation. Has helped establish 2 cardio kicking boxing schools which are run by Blackbelts, under his direction, Barb Haversack 3rd Dan, and John Lake 3rd Dan. He also assisted the following in getting studios established, Master Robert Manculich in Johnstown (started in 1992) and Richard Artecca in Potters Mills (started in 2000).

Master Josefik has served on WTSDA Region 8 Dan Testing Boards, attended and taught at Region 8 Blackbelt Camps. Attended World Championships and Region 8 Championships, has held Clinics of his own for his studios, has attended every Masters Clinic since 1992, and has instructed at the Masters Clinic. He has done Fundraisers for The WTSDA Building Fund, Tyrone YMCA 20 years straight, Giesinger Miracle Network Telethon (started in 1991), American Heart Association and for Muscular Dystrophy. He also started the Kick-A-Thons, that still take place today in Central Pa. today.  

Master Josefik's School was featured as Studio Of the Month in World Karate 1998, has had articles in Blackbelt and Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine. Some of his best memories are, training out in a field before they got a building, before winter started to set in, getting electric and heat in building. Training on the beach at Black Moshannon State Park.

Master Josefik is thankful to his wife Diane, for letting him be his own man and being a part of what he wants out of life, Master Chambliss for taking time to talk with him, Granddaughter Haylee who showed him the Circle of Life, Lindy who made him proud to be a father, his instructors, and Grandmaster Shin, who through his wisdom and understanding took the time to help and guide him into being and better person. 

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Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin and Master Gary S. Josefik
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5th Dan Certificate