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Why Train in Ki Gong (Qi-Gong)?

 sometimes attributed to our stressful life conditions and the environment in which we live. In the Western world, we are subject ourselves to chemical medicines and the whim of doctors and physical therapists. We are at their mercy, awaiting their knowledge and wisdom for our particular cases.

Ki training can be a positive attitude enhancer to aid us in the control of our own health by preventative exercise. through this training, we can help prevent the aging of our cerebral cortex which can result in better mental and physical health. Through Ki training, not only can we escape from the daily aggravations which plague our mental health, but we can restore our living energy and become one unit with the cosmos as we absorb the positive energy around us.

2) Reinforce our daily energy needs.

The Ki practitioner believes that all ailments are caused by the imbalance of Ki in the body. The lack of positive Ki weakens our self-healing immune system. Ki practitioners believe that any disease can be removed by allowing the Ki route to flow freely. Ki is the driving force behind the circulation of all blood and other life giving forces in the body.

3) Exercise for our body and mind

Today's lifestyle relies heavily on computerized systems which results in a lack of physical activity. Many careers also utilize heavily automated systems which do not need "brain power" to function. These daily activities necessary for employment can cause us to have both weak bodies and dull minds. Ki training, like Tang Soo Do, enhances the whole person concept by training the mind so the body becomes whole.

4) Developing our latent faculties

All individuals have different capabilities which is determined by many factors - environment, IQ, background, etc. There are millions of cells available to us in our brain, but the human being uses a very small percentage of these in our daily life. Ki training helps us to develop and utilize these unused brain cells.

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