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Josefik's Korean Tang Soo Do web site is approved by the World Tang Soo Do AssociationThank you for considering the World Tang Soo Do Association for yourself and/or your child. By joining, you are becoming a member of a large family of over 80,000 martial artists worldwide, covering over 30 countries. We fall under the guidance and leadership of the World Tang Soo Do Association founded by Jae C. Shin, our Grandmaster. 

Master Josefik takes a moment for a photo with his black beltsKorean Karate will develop both your mind and body and it will teach you to have a feeling of security through physical fitness, poise, grace, unarmed self-defense. Most importantly, karate will provide peace of mind, a sense of self-discipline, and a sense of self-confidence. The confidence gained shows in how Tang Soo Do students carry themselves, proud, without arrogance. The enhancement of mental and physical betterment is the primary goal of Tang Soo Do.

Tang Soo Do is great for any age. Children will benefit from the classes in many ways. Physical development of coordination, confidence and self-esteem, balance and  discipline. Children develop a sense of willingness and wanting to try new activities. Academics are stressed at all the schools, you cannot excel in just one avenue of life. 

Adults can can see results almost immediately upon the start of training. You can relieve stress and tension from everyday life through meditation and the physical training, improve concentration, self-discipline and self esteem. You can improve posture, increase energy, flexibility, stamina and your physical appearance too. 

Our training programs can be tailored to fit individual needs. So weather you are 5 or 75 we have a program for you. Come into one of our studios and try (1) one class without cost or you can just observe. Talk to the instructors and the other students and see for yourself what Tang Soo Do is all about. 

We look forward to training you and helping you achieve your fitness goals! 

Enjoy your visit to this site and is you have any questions you can contact
Master Gary S. Josefik, Program Director for the five schools, 1208 Edward Street  ,Phillipsburg, Pa 16866   Phone: (814) 934-2854.

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